I want to dedicate this thesis to my parents: I am eternally grateful to my father, Réal Lavoie, who insufflated a deep love and passion for music during my childhood. I am forever in debt to my mother, Victoire Bourgeault, for inspiring and teaching me how to dance to music – she said “just listen with your heart and the music will guide you”.


This research project was an academic marathon which with time became more intense but also more rewarding as the development occurred and as I gained valuable insights. It would, perhaps, never have evolved beyond being on its way, and surely would not have crystallized in its present form had it not been for Professor Monty Adkins. He helped me with the overall supervision of my research project and directed it into its proper course. He would read my drafts within days after submission, taught me the ins and outs of his musical thought, and generously shared his opinion. He liked to stimulate ideas that found their way into the text, constantly encouraged me to formulate my own musical position, and generally directed me beyond my limited scope. I am indebted to him for the faith he had in me and also for making this thesis a reality. Thus, the gratitude that I have for him is immense and I hope these few words honor his work.

Several individuals from the University of Huddersfield were essential in the accomplishment of this PhD, thus I would like to thank them as well: Dr. Hyunkook Lee who’s research, equipment and facilities were instrumental throughout my experimentations. Professor Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay with his constant questioning and critical observations generated some valuable insights for this research. Dr. Alex Harker for his colossal technical and practical knowledge of music helped me gain relevant skills during the progression of this thesis. Professor Rupert Till for his profound and acute erudition of the music scene provided an apt guidance for a greater musical understanding. Oliver Larkin for his common interest about spatialisation enabled some creative thinking regarding this project. Special mention to Dr. Nicolas Bougaïeff for believing in me and teaching me useful performing skills.  Other staff members such as Mr. Stewart Worthy, Professor Aaron Cassidy, Mr. Frank Peters, Dr. Julio d’Escrivan, Dr. Mark Bokowiec and the students from the Tech Store provided continuous support and necessary help in order to make this project a successful one. And a final praise to Dr. Pat Hill and Mr. Richard Piatak who ensured that my ideas were expressed clearly and logically and formed a coherent and meaningful whole.